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It's only three months left until CSI4* Poznan starts! 

We already know the detailed sports program CSI4* Poznan at Hipodrom Wola (we have just sent the schedule to the FEI), which will take place on 15-18 June with total prize money of 860 000 PLN.  
The competitions are divided into three tours. Very important is the Big Tour (1.45 - 1.60 m): three classes counting to the FEI Ranking, but the most important one is the Grand Prix (8th Maciej Frankiewicz Memorial), in which the best riders will divide 100 000 EUR among themselves. The winner of this class will receive not only a high financial bonus, but also 100 Longines Rankings points.
The Middle Tour consists of two qualifying competitions with 1.40 m obstacle height, and Saturday’s final - the Great Prize of Wielkopolska with fences as tall as 1.45 m. It will be the fourth FEI Ranking competition.
The less experienced, especially Polish athletes will have the opportunity to face the best riders, in a special CSI1* tour with 1.30 metre obstacles. Here, the highlight of Saturday afternoon will be the Family Cup (speed relay), in which the riders will compete in family duos: siblings, a parent and a child, or a couple.
The organiser has not forgotten about future equestrian stars. 6 year old horses are invited to the Youngster Tour under the patronage of Stadnina Kunowo.
What is more, other, not necessarily equestrian treats await the spectators visiting the Wola Hippodrome. We’ll write about them soon.
Photo. Oliwia Chmielewska

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